Free Cyberspace

It can be an ideal environment for cyber speakers to be a person who expresses themselves without taking a risk. They capture, so to speak, “the space that makes them a hero.” The reason why they intend to show the excessive worship towards the social media is because they feel envy and jealousy for others except oneself becoming “a seen person” by using the media. Being a sender of information means to be an existence to be seen by indefinite others as well as to satisfy greed to famous life.

On the internet, there are a lot of systems which can allow us to freely speak out in the public space and to chat with different people in real time. On a mailing list using e-mail services, we can perform our speech using broadcast communications to the participants and moreover, the participants can receive an argument against the speech.

Some studies strongly mention that with an example of wrestling, the most important thing is how many audiences are watching the argument around the ringside. In addition, the argument itself does not employ a particular rule, therefore, even those who have not spoken out suddenly cut in their inappropriate opinions which ignore a point of the argument. It is just like the audiences suddenly intrude inside the ring during the wrestling game. Then, the argument can spread to the public as a disorder state steadily. In this situation, can the argument based on so-called electronic democracy and a civil society really be established?

It can be clear that the argument certainly produce the greed which never happens in the real communication while anonymity is permitted and being aware of “being seen by someone.”


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