Switch On or Off

We as a world citizen are currently existing with technologies as if we were a cyborg. It is not an exaggeration that we would not able to survive without technologies in this network society. This is what we call “Netizen.”

Technology that we often use is surely an internet. It has been getting cheaper, faster and more widespread than a decade, resulting in a gradual increase in the number of net users in the world. Especially, the number of social networking service users has positively increased within a few years. We use social network for interpersonal communication such as chatting with our friends or exchanging songs etc online.

Additionally, we should not neglect that social networking platforms is not just used for having fun for individuals, but also for business. For example, I heard that some people open a web shop to sell clothes for people in the world using hot social networking service. Also, recently one of six people who successfully found their job have accessed to social networking service. In particular, Facebook provides them with a useful information related to jobs, therefore, it has an advantage for both companies and people looking for a job.

However, such social networking services do not necessarily provide us a good way to use. This is because workers using the service cannot easily switch on or off from their work as they can always access to network. In other words, work emails connect to our personal life and possibly disturb it. For example, my father who is a teacher in a junior high school always checks his mobile or emails to see if anything wrong happens to his workplace. I am wondering if he can really be released from work.

Can we insist that social network really gives such workers freedom?


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