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Wikileaks, I have never heard of such a challenging website before but I found it quite interesting and I like it. This website is the one which attracts worldwide attention since it was born in 2006 as an international whistle-blowing site by anonymity. The purpose of existence of this website is to support protection of human rights by revealing unethical behaviour of governments and organizations. The whistle-blowing information sent by an anti-establishment political group and anonymity source of information is estimated to exceed 12 million.

According to the reading in week9, The New York Times also describes Wikileaks that people can freely see an online source of information and documents that governments and corporations around the world prefer to keep secret. One of the significant examples is “Collateral Murder” in 2007. One of the public video reported that the US helicopter pilots fired on about 12 individuals and they seemed to act “trigger-happy behaviour.”

Having thought about hacktivism revealing sensitive information of government, the relationship between it and Chinese censorship of social media which I am currently doing research on needs to be concerned. Of course, the Chinese government has blocked an access to this kind of website. The fact that Chinese government blocks this type of website leads to lack of information transparency. Consequently, people would not be able to watch any corruptions within the government or corporations, causing many social problems such as inequality in each state of China.

Therefore, it seems that we should promote more and more anonymity information in order to eliminate these corruptions.


2 thoughts on “Be anonymous

  1. I agree with you that the Chinese government blocking Wikileaks is concerning as it gives the impression that they have something to hide. However, when it comes to the Chinese Internet, the authoritarian country uses its Great Firewall of China to block many websites, Wikileaks is simply one, like Twitter or Facebook. For a country like China where clearly the government is hiding something, I feel that Wikileaks is necessary to exposing secrets that effect its citizens. The only problem I have with a website that exposes military secrets is its ability to compromise a mission and possible endanger the troops involved.

  2. I didn’t know what WikiLeaks was exactly, and without being completely informed I thought it was a negative thing. After spending some time online and talking to people about WikiLeaks and the actions of Assange, I later realized that he was trying to inform the public of information that was trying to be hidden from us. In your example of China, it seems to me like they are hiding a lot from their people by blocking WikiLeaks and other social media sites.
    As long as the information that is being released does not put the public or innocent individuals in danger, it is generally a positive thing.

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