Do I choose iPhone or Android?


Even though it has been ages since the emergence of Smartphone, the never ending competition between Google Android and Apple iOS has continuously been occurring on the internet. Which one do you think will win, or be more wonderful? Certainly, they say that a higher performance phone can be iPhone and iPad, not Android phones.

As for me, I have actually been sticking with my Android phone since I came to Australia, I never ever give up my dream that I buy iPhone in the future. The reason for it is because many of my friends in here started to change their phone to iPhone and when I was back in Japan almost all of my friends keep telling me that iPhone is necessary for allowing their job hunting to go smoothly. I am now struggling to decide whether or not buying iPhone5s.

In order to make a final decision, I want to research for myself on the differences between Android and iPhone. According to Roth (2008), iPhone is so-called a closed platform which secures the users more strictly than Android which is called an open platform. Why are they regarded like this? I was reading this article (Apple vs. Android: The Open Factor) and found out the reason. It is because Apple tightly controls iOS ecosystem so the iPhone and iPad are both a locked down device. You can only load music, games etc through Apple’s iTunes App Store. Apple seems to have a never-changed strong philosophy. Android, on the other hand, is different in an open system allowing the users to install software from any source.

However, although there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages on each device mentioned above, which one people will choose really depends on their preference, maybe depending on design or size etc? What do you all think?


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