Everywhere Internet

Imagine the amazing world where all of the machinery in your house, company and car would connect to the internet. As soon as you are driving back home, all the rights at home would automatically be turned on. In the busy morning, when an alarm clock makes a sound, a cup of coffee would begin to be ready for you. When one of your family members comes closer to door of the entrance, the door would automatically be unlocked but, even if the person except your family members stands in the entrance, the key would not open. This is the world that Internet of Things could produce.

I found a quite interesting case that Internet of Things is used; that is “Peeko Monitor” which has been developed by Rest Devices in the US. This is baby pajamas with a sensor in order to detect Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in the early stage. How it works is that as soon as the ventilator frequency of a sleeping baby reaches at a caution level, it will contact to parents by email or call, or directly report to 911 (emergency number in the US).

This is just one of so many examples of Internet of Things. There is more smart machinery that Internet of Things is used in the modern technological society. So, it seems that the aggregated data from this machinery can make consumers, corporations and even networked cities functioned efficiently.

However, Internet of Things accompanies a big assessment at the same time. An important concern regarding to users’ privacy and security can be accompanied by collection of data. It is not just collecting data from each user and leaving it. So then, who needs to take a responsibility of protecting their data? Of course, this is a product maker’s responsibility.


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